How We “Hatched”

The first Ladies Night Out for Sister Chicks of Rutherford County was held in September 2003 as a result of one woman who asked God to use her North Carolina home in Lake Lure to bring glory to Him.

Janet Fountain made plans for a ladies’ social gathering, and 10 women came to her home and shared food and fellowship, and a short devotional time.  The ladies left Jan’s home refreshed spiritually and emotionally.  A year later, Jan felt impressed to do host a second annual Ladies Night Out, this time getting more bold with her invitations.  She invited her same friends, but this time she also passed out hand-drawn maps to random women at gas pumps and restaurants, encouraging women to come and share in the hope of Jesus.  She was quite surprised when 51 excited ladies packed out her small lake-side cottage.  In 2005, word continued to spread and the number outgrew Jan’s home, and so the core ladies — Sister Chicks, as they had begun to identify themselves — hosted 87 ladies at a local bed and breakfast reception hall on this third annual night out.

From there, the event continued to expand, again outgrowing its “space” due to the overwhelming response of ladies eager for fellowship with one another and excited to hear God’s word.  In 2006, the annual Ladies Night Out was held at The Foundation Performing Arts and Conference Center and hosted a record 350 women for food and fellowship!

In the past five years, ladies have continued to faithfully support this event each September.  Every year, the same familiar faces gather, and every year, God brings scores of new women into this wonderful evening of fellowship.  Crowds continue to grow each year, with the largest attendance rising to more than 600 women.  The Sister Chicks have no idea how all the guests were fed that night….it was truly a “fishes and loaves” experience that reminded all of the miracle described in the fourteenth chapter of the gospel of Matthew.

As we prepare for God to meet us once again at the 15th Annual Ladies Night Out, we are once again experiencing and expecting miracles that only He can provide.

The primary reason for the existence of this ministry….to spread encouragement and hope through Jesus Christ.  HE is the One we want to glorify through the Ladies Night Out event, and we ask you to join us in prayer that this will be abundantly evident in all that we do.